Experlence Tea and Zen with Good Company

(Ichibata Yakushi)


After practicing in Kyoto and London, Monk Iizuka returned to his local temple in Shimane. He is the chief monk for Ichibata-Yakushi, which has a long history in Japan and is a temple known for healing people’s eyes. Located 200 meters above sea level, one is able to take in the view of the lake from the temple. While admiring the majestic temple, you can experience Zen meditation, tea ceremony (Sado), and vegetarian dishes here (Reservation in advance is required). If a monk is available, they can help foreign visitors experience these activities using English.

Time flows a bit slower in the San’in area, and you start to relax while walking along the road to the temple, gradually your heart becomes calmer as you reach the temple. From Monk Iizuka, you can listen to the past stories of his practices, as well as his time in London. Listening to these stories, you can catch a glimpse into the lives of the monks at this temple, truly a rare and unique experience.

The Sado experience takes place at a tea house loved by Mr. Fumai; he was a master of Sado who played important role in the history of Sado. If monk Iizuka’s wife is available, she will be able to serve tea to visitors. Tea ceremonies tend to have a strict atmosphere but with Monk Iizuka and his wife’s relaxing presence, you can listen to their story about their first meeting, and ask questions while fully enjoying the tea experience.

Spending a relaxing time in the San’in area, one can feel and experience the warm atmosphere of Monk Iizuka and his wife. How about visiting San’in and experiencing traditional Japanese culture first hand?

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