Japanese Paper Lasting a Thouzand Years


There is a saying that goes, “Western paper lasts for 100 years, Japanese paper lasts for 1000 years.” One reason why the western made paper does not last is due to oxidization. However, Japanese paper does not oxidize easily and is able to last a long time. There are books that are dated from the second year of the Taiho period (702). These books are stored in Shosoin Temple in Nara and are proof that Japanese paper is capable of lasting through preservation and storage.

In the Western end of Tottori City in San’in, there is a town called Aoya. Aoya Town is surrounded by mountain greenery and river and is also known as one of the top production areas for Inshu washi, or Inshu paper. Even now, the sound of the paper being manufactured can still be heard. The process to make the Inshu paper has been handed down for over a thousand years. The paper is commonly used for calligraphy as the ink works well with the Japanese paper. In 1975, the process of making Inshu paper became the nation’s first traditional craftwork.

You can challenge yourself and take part in a workshop where you can experience making this traditional Inshu paper at Aoya Paper Factory. You can even change the size, shape, color, and such, creating a one-of-a-kind Japanese paper! Besides papermaking workshops, there is also a cafe where you can enjoy dishes using local products and ingredients.

 Slow and sustainable Japanese paper, coexisting with nature and the environment brings warmth and relaxation to society and enriches everyone’s lives. At Aoya Paper Factory, the lamp shades that are available for purchase are made using Unryu Japanese paper that brings out a unique and distinct characteristic. You can enjoy the gentle and warm light of the woven Japanese paper, in the bedroom, dining table at home. When you are visiting East San’in, be sure to visit and make your own personal Japanese paper!

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Aoya Paper Factory, Tottori City

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Business Hours: 9:00~17:00 (Workshop Registration is until 16:00)

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Winter Holidays (12/29~1/3)

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