The Home Town of the Gods


Miho Shrine is located in Mihonoseki and is the head shrine for the famous god Ebisu, the god of commerce and fishing. Fukuda liquor store is a liquor store in Mihonoseki that has been an integral part of the community for over 120 years. In Mihonoseki, where there are no bars, locals love Fukuda liquor store, and it has a special place in their hearts as a place to relax. While visiting here, you can get a glimpse of the daily life of Mihonoseki, as you watch the local fishermen drinking and talking.

Of course, not only locals but tourists can also join in the conversations, enjoying themselves while learning about the local area and its people.

Locals’ recommendation for winter are squids that are hung and lined up by the harbor. During this season, locals say that by hanging and drying the squid in the cold salty winds, the depth of the squid’s flavor increases. When you lightly grill it, the flavor becomes even more profound, and as you chew, its flavor becomes deeper, making this perfect to eat with alcohol. The delicious aroma of grilled squid lingers from the food stall and fills the air in front of Miho Shrine.

Having a close relationship with the Shinto Gods in Mihonoseki, the traditional and unique lifestyle of Japan remains. Even the children who run around Miho Shrine, bow when leaving Miho Shrine. How about taking a leisurely visit to Mihonoseki, and enjoy having conversations, visiting shrines, and eating with locals?

Miho Shrine Article: E-11 Miho Shrine

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