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(Kurayoshi, Tottori)

When you mention “Kurayoshi”, there may be individuals who heard of it but do not really know what it is. Others may say and think, “Ah…”

Kurayoshi City is located in the central part of Tottori Prefecture and faces Daisen. The water in the area is particularly of fine quality, which is necessary to make great whiskey.  Kurayoshi comes from “Kurashiyoshi”, which means “Life is Good.” Being on the side of the Sea of Japan, the climate and the large difference in temperature throughout the year in the area allows the aging of the whiskey from Kurayoshi to be faster compared to normal whiskey production.

Located here, is the Matsui Shuzo distillery. This distillery distills Kurayoshi whiskey, which is exported and sold on the international market. Very popular around the world, the whiskey produced by Matsui Shuzo Brewery is made using fresh underground water from Mt. Daisen.

The matured liquor is aged in rare cherry wood barrels, surrounded by Tottori’s peaceful and beautiful wilderness. While savoring the malt scent and bitter flavor, you can enjoy the fragrance of exquisite cherry blossoms of this unique Japanese whiskey.

Matsui Whisky – Kurayoshi Distillery – ( Click here )

The Kurayoshi Distillery was opened to the public and began tours of the distillery in 2018. Have a taste and enjoy Kurayoshi’s popular Japanese whiskey when you visit the San’in area.

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