Trying traditional Japanese culture in Tottori

Trying traditional Japanese culture in Tottori

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Please enjoy the blessings from the yamazato (mountain village) while enjoying a sense of the seasons. There is a delicious feast available at Mitakien in addition to the dishes we make with care and skill. Water and air from the mountain. Birds chirping, the sound of a stream. A thatched roof and irori fireplace ticking away the years. Please enjoy a "slow" feast in a space that is in harmony with nature.

2800 yen


Café Quince

On the grounds of Mitaki-en, smoke rises from the chimney of Little Bird café Quince. As its name suggests, you can hear the chirping of the small birds that live in the surrounding trees as you enjoy the warmth of this small café. There are glass windows on three sides, so you feel as though you’re still in the middle of the forest even though you’re inside. Enjoy a relaxing time here in the perfect location with birdsong as your background music.



The town of Chizu, in the southeast corner of Tottori, was once home to the largest post station of the Tottori Fiefdom. One of the major features of this town is the Ishitani Residence, an enormous household constructed during the Edo Period.

600 yen


Japanese Indigo Blue Dye Studio chizu blue

Japanese Indigo Blue Dye Studio chizu blue was started by women in Chizu Town based on an idea: dyeing that will not pollute Tottori’s water resources. By focusing on the pure water that flows from the local forests and homemade dyeing materials raised from seeds, they have created a clear indigo color unique to Chizu. Here at chizu blue, you can try your hand at dyeing a handkerchief or a scarf.


The House of Tommorrow

The House of Tomorrow is located at the base of a mountain in the small town of Chizu, Yazu County, Tottori Prefecture. Chizu is 93% mountain forests, but you can enjoy the view of rice fields that stretch out before you or a night sky lit up with stars. In a traditional house built 150 years ago, you can enjoy the differing seasonal views, history, and cuisine, all in the middle of nature, leaving you with memories you'll treasure for a lifetime.


Trying traditional Japanese culture in Tottori